“We are building a world class cryptocurrency exchange platform for crypto to fiat payments.”
“We thrive to bridge the gap between crypto to fiat payments while focusing on synchronizing cryptocurrencies for people in their day to day life.”

Amazing Features

Otppay: Where crypto Fell in Love with Fiat.

Buy and Sell .

Otppay will be the world’s most preferred way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies by utilizing AI and ML Engines.

Exchange .

Exchange your cryptocurrency/crypto asset, just in time from one wallet to another.

Payments .

Otppay provides merchant payments to their customers allowing them to pay anywhere via NFC, QR code or using a wallet address.

Crypto Buy & Sell

Create a digital currency wallet where you can securely buy and sell your favorite crypto assets.
Sync your bank account, debit or credit card to exchange your cryptocurrency to a preferred form of fiat currency in just a click. All users will be verified instantaneously through our eKYC verification process.
Otppay’s unique feature of automatic buy and sell option will give an extra edge to our customers by saving them time and money.
Buy and sell your cryptocurrencies or crypto assets with your Otppay mobile app anywhere, anytime across the globe.


Crypto Exchange

Our AI & ML powered exchange request matching engine cross matches the requests and simply swaps the request, allowing us to offer the lowest industry exchange rates.
Our architecture is robust and built with a mix of traditional security (PCI-DSS) standards and crypto securities.
Our policy “Trust, JIT & Fair” makes our exchange medium transparent and benefits users with unique features like, crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto & fiat to fiat exchange options.
Easy and simple user interface with quick access functions make Otppay exchange standout from all other crypto exchanges on the market.


Crypto Payments

QR Payments

Merchants will be provided with a unique identification code embedded within the QR code so that users can instantly transfer payments.

NFC Payments

Through our NFC based “Tap to Pay” we offer the best in class contactless payment system.

Send and Receive

Otppay offers the ability to send and receive crypto payments from the phonebook, scanning the QR code or simply tapping NFC based payments.

Crypto Credit Rating

Our CCR score will be calculated by considering many boundary conditions and geographical inputs so that our CCR score will optimize accurately.


Through our Otppay lend option, our merchants can lend 2 to 5x the amount of monthly sales, as short time credit.


Otppay offers an open API for merchants to integrate with its own decentralized server infrastructure.

App Screenshots

OTPPAY is here with its mockup: Otppay Buy & Sell, Otppay Exchange, Otppay Payment Application.